“I have always had an interest in public service. The most rewarding aspect of working in the Circuit Attorney’s Office was serving the community while gaining valuable trial skills. That experience prepared me to further serve the community in my current position as Associate Circuit Judge.”


— Hon. Paula P. Bryant,
Associate Circuit Judge

“As time goes on, I realize more and more the value of my trial experience in the Circuit Attorney’s Office. I also see more alumni of that office who now sit as judges presiding over my cases. The common bond of the Circuit Attorney’s Office is an important link that connects us throughout our legal careers.”


— Gerard T. Carmody, Principal,
Carmody MacDonald P.C.

“My service to the community in the Circuit Attorney’s Office was extremely gratifying and personally rewarding. Every time I walked into the courtroom, I felt that I was really making a difference for all of the people of the City of St. Louis regardless of where they lived, how they lived, or who they were. I also had a heightened sense of serving the law and the Constitution by ensuring that any defendant who was prosecuted by me was certainly provided the protections guaranteed by the Constitution of this Nation.”


— Hon. Henry Edward Autrey,
U.S. District Judge