Neighborhood Orders of Protection


There are many different tools you can utilize to make your neighborhood a safer place. In addition to the Neighborhood Impact Statement, another tool that exists is the Neighborhood Order of Protection.


A Neighborhood Order of Protection is an order that a St. Louis judge places against a criminal defendant as a condition of his/her bond or probation.  The judge orders the criminal to stay out of a particular part of the City as a condition of remaining free on the streets.  This order of protection allows the Circuit Attorney, the Court and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to work together to make criminals accountable for their actions while free on bond or probation.  Violating these orders of protection can cause criminals to be arrested, their bonds revoked and their probations ended. A Neighborhood Order of Protection must be requested by an Assistant Circuit Attorney.


For more information, contact the Circuit Attorney’s Community Affairs Bureau at 314-622-4941.


To view current Neighborhood Orders of Protection in your neighborhood click here.