Missouri Victims Rights


The people at the Circuit Attorney’s Office are passionate about protecting the rights of all people, including the victims who are hurt when someone commits a crime.  Becoming a victim of any crime can be devastating.  Anyone who is a victim of a crime in Missouri should understand their rights.  


If you are a victim of a non-dangerous felony crime, or a victim of any misdemeanor crime, please request in writing to the address below that your rights be observed. If you are a victim of a dangerous felony crime, your rights are automatically triggered under the law.


Victim Services
1114 Market, Room 401
St. Louis, MO 63101


What Are My Rights As a Victim?


As a victim of crime, you have the right:

  1. To receive information about the crime and decision regarding the filing of charges.
  2. To be informed about Missouri Crime Victim Compensation, receive claim forms and apply for compensation, be informed about financial, emergency and crisis intervention services in the St. Louis community.
  3. To be present and heard at all criminal justice proceedings at which the defendant has such a right.
  4. To be informed in a timely manner of court dates, continuances and final outcomes of all court hearings.
  5. To be provided with a secure waiting area during court proceedings.
  6. To be provided with reasonable protection from harm and/or threats.
  7. To participate in criminal justice proceedings without being discharged or disciplined by an employer.
  8. To be informed of procedures to apply for and receive any witness fees.
  9. To have property returned once there is a final outcome of a case and to have a reasonable explanation if it cannot be returned.
  10. To appear at sentencing and make an oral and/or written statement.
  11. To be notified if the defendant escapes, is released or dies.
  12. To be informed about restitution and to ask the defendant to pay restitution.