The Child Support Unit establishes and creates orders in cases referred to us by the Missouri Department of Social Services, Family Support Division. The Circuit Attorney's Office is serious about enforcing the laws of our state that serve to ensure the long-term stability and welfare of all children.


There are eight attorneys, ten investigators and five support staff members in the Child Support Unit. We have approximately 1,000 establishment cases and 3,000 enforcement cases pending. Establishment cases determine paternity and/or financial responsibility.  Enforcement cases pursue financially delinquent parents.  The Child Support Unit receives about 150 new cases per month.


If you have questions about your child support case, you can contact 314-340-7400.


You can check the support payment status or begin direct deposit by calling 1-800-225-0530 or clicking here..


If you need help with an order of protection, call 314-622-4434.


Refer all other questions to the Child Support Unit by calling 314-622-4021.



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