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Ross Randolph has been charged with first-degree murder
May 25, 2016

Ross Randolph has been charged with first-degree murder and other charges.


Language from Probable Cause Statement: 

"This defendant and an accomplice approached the passenger side of B.H.’s Dodge Challenger while they were stopped at a light on Washington Ave. near 11th. Inside the car were the driver, B.H., Q.H., who is 9 months pregnant, and a baby, I.H. After feeling uncomfortable, Q.H., began to roll up the window, but the men had already opened the door.   The accomplice pointed a gun at B.H. and said, “Bitch, give me the car and the keys” and then shot her in the head. This defendant grabbed Q.H. and shoved her out of the car. The car took off through the intersection at 11th and this defendant ran after it. The car stopped just after crossing 11th Street and this defendant is seen on surveillance diving into the passenger window. The accomplice pushed B.H. out of the driver’s side leaving her lying in the middle of Washington Avenue. The car takes off again driving East on Washington Ave. The baby, I.H., was still in the car. B.H. was later pronounced dead as a result of the gunshot wound. I.H. is later located, alone, in the dark, still in her car seat, in the middle of Glasgow Ave. in front of an abandoned house. A witness notices the car seat and when they approach, they realize I.H. was in that car seat. B.H.’s Dodge Challenger is later located in the alley of the 1400 block of Bremen. "


*Charges are only accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until the defendant is either found guilty or has pleaded guilty.   

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