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Statement from Jennifer M. Joyce
May 20, 2016

Statement from Jennifer M. Joyce:

"I’m not surprised by Mr. Roorda’s reaction.  He is paid by the police union to be their advocate.  I am paid by the public to uphold the law.
In my over 22 years as a prosecutor, I’ve had countless protests as a result of my actions, including many involving Mr. Shahid.  I cannot count the number of angry phone calls and letters I’ve received over the years.  This comes with the territory of being a prosecutor. 
At a recent SLPOA meeting, I thanked those present for responding to my home during a recent protest incident.  However, I made it clear to them that no protest of any kind would ever affect my decision making as a prosecutor.
The fact is that nothing affects my decisions as a prosecutor other than the evidence and the law.   Over the years, I have prosecuted some police officers, and have declined to prosecute others.  Those who are trying to spin an alternative narrative regarding my actions will certainly fail in the minds of reasonable people. 
Frankly, if both Mr. Roorda and Mr. Shahid are unhappy with me, I must be doing something right.  We intend to go forward with this case."

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