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Circuit Attorney's Statement on Police Report Regarding Mansur Ball-Bey Shooting
April 18, 2016

Circuit Attorney to Review Police Findings in Mansur Ball-Bey Shooting Investigation



Circuit Attorney Jennifer M. Joyce has received the findings of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department's Force Investigative Unit (FIU) surrounding the shooting death of Mansur Ball-Bey by an officer last August. Police did not seek charges against the officers involved.


The investigation by police into the shooting comes at the same time prosecutors are completing an independent look into the events surrounding the death of Ball-Bey on August 19, 2015.  The shooting happened on Walton Avenue in the Fountain Park neighborhood. 


In an effort to expedite the release of information to the public, prosecutors began a parallel investigation into this matter immediately after the incident rather than waiting for the police to conclude their investigation. That is now a standard practice.


The Circuit Attorney's Office is currently reviewing two other police-involved shootings, both from earlier this year.






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