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Jason Flanery has been charged with DWI-alcohol and leaving scene of motor vehicle accident
January 25, 2016

Language from probable cause statement:


"I was informed that a police vehicle owned the the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department was involved in an accident.  The police vehicle struck a parked car, causing damage to both vehicles.  The mother of the woman who owns the car which was damaged observed the police vehicle run into the parked car.  There were no other vehicles involved in the collision.  After the collision the woman who owns the vehicle went to check on the condition of her car.  By this time the driver of the police vehicle had fled the location of the accident without leaving any information at to their identity or how they could be located or contacted.


The police vehicle which fled the scene was located later the same morning a short distance from where the police vehicle struck the parked car.  The police vehicle had damage consistent with striking the parked vehicle.  The police vehicle was found parked in front of the house of the defendant.  The vehicle was owned by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and had been assigned to the custody and control of the defendant.  The defendant was observed by different officers to smell as if he had been consuming alcoholic beverages, to be unsteady or wobbly on his feet, to have difficulty standing without support, and to possess additional signs of being intoxicated.


A search warrant was executed to obtain a blood sample from the defendant.  Analysis of the blood sample revealed the defendant to have a blood-alcohol reading of .117."


*Charges are only accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until the defendant is either found guilty or has pleaded guilty.  

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