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Travis Kidd has been charged with first-degree murder.
October 05, 2015

Lenguage from probable cause statement: "On November 30, 2014, Z.B., his fiancée, and two other individuals were approaching their car when they heard a group including the Defendant and three other individuals yelling. Z.B., his fiancée and the two others entered their car. As Z.B. drove away, the defendant jumped on the back of his car and began hitting it.  Z.B. stopped the car and got out.  At that point, he was approached by the Defendant and three other males. The Defendant and the other three males began assaulting Z.B. During the assault, Z.B. fell to the ground, and the Defendant and the other three continued to beat him. The Defendant hit Z.B.with a hammer.  Z.B. was later pronounced dead. His death was caused by these injuries.  An autopsy revealed that he had sustained multiple injuries consistent with blunt force trauma to the head. The autopsy also revealed multiple injuries, including bruises and lacerations on his head and upper body. The Juvenile Court has certified the Defendant to stand trial as an adult."


*Charges are only accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until the defendant is either found guilty or has pleaded guilty. 


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