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Defendant sentenced for cases involving gun, resisting and assault on law enforcement officers
August 05, 2015

Damond Jackson’s actions were nothing short of bold. He parked a stolen car in his principal’s parking spot at his high school. He brought a gun to the grounds of another school. When confronted in both instances, he assaulted law enforcement officers as they tried to arrest him. One officer was seriously injured pursuing him.


Jackson is a known gang member who has flaunted his gang affiliation and love of guns on social media.


Now, he’s been sentenced to six years in prison for a range of crimes including unlawful use of a weapon, resisting arrest and assault on law enforcement officers. In one of the cases, an officer suffered a severe injury while attempting to arrest Jackson.


“The defendant is a danger to our community,” wrote assistant circuit attorney Alison Bischoff in court documents. “He is well known to several police officers. This defendant is also the main suspect in an Assault 1st Degree shooting that left a young man paralyzed. The victim refused to cooperate with the prosecution.”


Even when confronted with his social media photos, Jackson denied ever being in possession of a weapon. He also denied his gang affiliation.


This case is just one example of the illegal gun culture in St. Louis. For more information on gun violence in St. Louis, visit

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