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Disrespect leads to murder
April 20, 2015

An argument over who was going to help a woman move her belongings ended with a man's death.


Now, Michael Miller will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the murder.


In December, 2012, Miller had a verbal argument with P.P. after the victim had words with Miller's girlfriend. P.P. and the girlfriend had apparently argued over who would assist a mutual acquaintance move her belongings.


After the argument with Miller, P.P. decided to walk to his sister's house. He was shot to death at the intersection of Bates and Louisiana.


Several eyewitnesses cooperated with the investigation. Thanks to their help, police identified Miller as the man who shot P.P. and then escaped in a white Ford Expedition. Police recovered an empty handgun holster from the kitchen table of Miller's home.


"This incident was a senseless act of retribution for an alleged act of disrespect," wrote Assistant Circuit Attorney Don Tyson in court documents. "The defendant had to hunt down the victim as he was peaceably walking back to his sister's home."


ACA Tyson presented all the evidence and, in February of this year, a St. Louis jury found Miller guilty of murder and armed criminal action.


Miller has previous drug convictions.


Friday, he was sentenced to serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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