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Murderer sentenced to life in prison without parole
December 05, 2014

He shot a woman in the head while her baby slept in the other room. Then he tried to destroy all the evidence.


Now, Dyanthany Proudie has been brought to justice. Today, he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for his heinous actions.


On January 2, 2013, E.J. and her four-month-old son left her home in Oklahoma to visit her family in the St. Louis area.


That night, she met up with Dyanthany Proudie, a man with whom she had previously had a relationship. The two went out to dinner and then returned to the apartment where Proudie was staying.


E.J. placed her son in one of the beds and began to clean the bathtub in preparation for a bath.


Proudie then went into the bathroom with E.J., witnesses said.


Moments later, witnesses heard one gunshot.


Proudie instructed the others in the apartment to clean up the gruesome scene, telling them to use bleach on the affected areas. They painted walls and even replaced flooring over the next few days.


On January 4, E.J.'s four-month-old son was found alone in an apartment complex. Police released his photo to the public and a search began to identify the baby and find out what happened to his mother.


On January 8, police learned the worst: E.J.'s body was found stuffed into the trunk of her car. She had been shot in the head.


In October 2014, jurors reviewed evidence and heard testimony from witnesses, police officers and others. The jury found Proudie guilty of first-degree murder and armed criminal action.


"He killed an innocent, unsuspecting woman while her infant child slept in the next room," wrote Assistant Circuit Attorney Tanja Engelhardt. "He was sophisticated in his destruction of evidence and but for a single drop of blood, no physical evidence would have been found in the apartment. The heinous circumstances of this case demonstrate the defendant's callous disregard for human life."


The Circuit Attorney's Office thanks ACA Englehardt, ACA Kristyn Skelly and other CAO staff member who assisted in bringing justice for E.J.

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