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Statement from Circuit Attorney Jennifer M. Joyce regarding shooting death of VonDerrit Myers
December 05, 2014

Statement from Circuit Attorney Jennifer M. Joyce:


Today, the Force Investigative Unit (FIU) of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department announced that it had delivered its findings regarding the October shooting death of VonDerrit Myers to the Circuit Attorney’s Office for review. The Police Department did not request any criminal charges.


One day after the shooting, I announced that my office would embark on an independent and thorough review of all the facts of Mr. Myers’ death upon completion of an investigation by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. As a completely separate entity, the Police Department’s findings do not, in any way, dictate the actions to be taken by my office.


I have assembled a team of experienced prosecutors, including an Assistant U.S. Attorney, who will now begin the investigation into the events of that evening in the Shaw neighborhood. We will expeditiously review all the facts and evidence.  We will conduct our own witness interviews to get to the truth of the circumstances of the shooting. 


I have personally met with members of the Myers’ family, and members of my office continue to be in contact with the family’s attorneys. We have asked that they provide any information that may assist us in this review process. I request the same of any member of the public.


For almost two months, a family, a police department and a community at-large have been awaiting answers regarding the shooting death of Mr. Myers. I care deeply about the community’s right to know what happened that evening.


I ask for continued patience from the community. A thorough review demands sufficient time to seek the truth and we have no idea how long that will take. When our team has reached a conclusion in the matter, my office will issue a report making clear our decision and the reason for it. 


I am happy to discuss the process at any time moving forward. Please contact Public Information Officer Lauren Trager at 314-641-8649 with inquiries. 

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