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Caught on camera: woman pulls knife on MetroBus driver
October 24, 2014

An armed robbery on a MetroBus was all caught on camera.


Friday, the person responsible, Willetta Townsend, was sentenced for the crime.


The video clearly depicts the entire incident that happened in June of 2012. The bus driver was on her normal route, carrying passengers to their desired locations.


On the video, you can see Townsend approach the driver on the bus. She begins threatening to harm the driver, who in turn, retains full composure. Townsend pulls a knife from her bag.


Townsend reaches over the driver several times, stealing bus transfer tickets and opening the doors of the bus.


As she exits, Townsend rips the driver’s wig from her head.


A witness saw the entire encounter and fully cooperated with the investigation. The driver did as well.


After Assistant Circuit Attorney Melissa Gilliam presented all of the evidence, including the video, the jury deliberated for 35 minutes before convicting Townsend back in September.


Friday, a judge sentenced Townsend to serve 10 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.


Townsend was previously convicted of flourishing a weapon from a 2006 incident. She has also had multiple other misdemeanor convictions including several assaults on law enforcement officers and corrections officers. 

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