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Three men sentenced for torturing woman for hours
October 06, 2014

Three men kidnapped, raped, robbed and threatened to kill a St. Louis grandmother. Now, they have been sentenced for the heinous crimes.


Antonieo Clark, Lawrence Brandon and Antoin Brewer were convicted on numerous charges stemming from one night in April of 2012. Together, they went looking for someone to rob. They abducted a woman leaving a local business and committed unspeakable acts against the 52-year-old in what was described as nearly five hours of torture.


At one point, the victim heard them discussing whether they could fit her body in the trunk of her car.


Had it not been for her brave escape, the victim could very well have been murdered.


The three men were found guilty of the charges against them during a trial by judge. 


On Tuesday, Clark received a sentence of life plus 25 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.


"Clark led the co-defendants in an evening of abduction, rape, robbery and stealing, all at gunpoint," Assistant Circuit Attorney Neil Miller wrote in court documents. "He hasn't shown any contrition for his heinous behavior. He has accepted no responsibility for his crimes."


Brandon also committed several of the sexual acts against the victim. Thursday, he was sentenced to life plus 15 years in prison.


Brewer did not commit any of the sexual acts, but held the gun to the victim's head throughout the night.  Brewer received 30 years in prison. All three defendants maintain eligibility for parole at some point in the future.


The victim is still working to repair the emotional and psychological damage these defendants inflicted upon her.

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