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Man guilty of shooting into a group of unarmed teens
September 29, 2014

They were just walking a friend home when they suddenly found themselves running from gunfire.


Five teens, ranging in ages from 14 to 17, were heading down the 4800 block of Lee Avenue back in April.


Darin Young, 26, drove by the boys, made a U-turn and pulled up to the curb next to them. Young knew the teens through a family connection and had, according to the teens, previously assaulted one of them. Words about an earlier argument were exchanged, but the teenagers tried to walk away. That’s when the defendant reached down in his car and grabbed a 9mm handgun.


Young fired at the teens as they attempted to run away. A bullet hit 17-year-old J.L. in the backside.


When police arrived, they found the loaded firearm in Young’s car, as well as the cartridge casing. The defendant admitted to firing his gun at the group of teens.


Now, after hearing all of the facts and evidence in the case, a judge has found Young guilty of armed criminal action and multiple counts of assault.


J.L. suffered severe injuries, including damage to his femoral artery and his intestinal and digestive organs. A doctor testified that J.L. could have died or lost his leg from the shooting. His life has never been the same.


Young’s bond was revoked after the conclusion of the bench trial.


He is scheduled to be sentenced October 6th.

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