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Jury convicts man who robbed, kidnapped women on two separate occasions
July 18, 2014

He terrorized two women by breaking into their home, holding them at gunpoint and robbing them. Not once. But twice.


Now, a jury has found Ryan Hudson guilty on 16 different criminal charges including robbery, kidnaping, armed criminal action and burglary.


In January 2013, Hudson and another man broke into a home on Utah in the Tower Grove South neighborhood. The men corralled the two women who were inside, pointing guns at them and forcing them to hand over cash.


Two weeks later, the men returned, this time breaking in through a second-floor window. Again, the women were robbed at gunpoint.


Hudson was later identified pawning some of the stolen items. He confessed to the robberies on tape.


“The citizens of St. Louis cannot live in fear that someone is going to break into their house,” Assistant Circuit Attorney Jeff Coleman told jurors in his closing statement.


Thursday, the jury convicted Hudson on all charges against him.


Sentencing has been set for August 29th before Judge Jimmie M. Edwards.

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