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Jury returns guilty verdict on 20-year-old rape case
June 19, 2014

A St. Louis jury has returned a guilty verdict on a 20-year-old rape case.


Wednesday, Juan Antwon Shepard was convicted on two counts of forcible rape.


In January of 1994, a victim was with two men in the 5900 block of Horton in the West End neighborhood. Despite her pleas, the men pulled out a gun and blocked her from leaving. Then, they raped her.


But, neither of the men was ever charged with the crime until 17 years later. An analysis by a national database revealed that Shepard’s DNA was consistent with the DNA found on the victim’s clothing. The victim also identified Shepard as one of her attackers.


Sex Crimes Team Leader Tanja Englelhardt presented the case and after deliberating for 50 minutes, the jury found Shepard guilty.


He will be sentenced on August 15th before Judge Steven Ohmer.

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