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Man who severely abused child pleads guilty
June 03, 2014

A man who caused a child severe injuries has pleaded guilty to the crime.


Daniel Horton was sentenced Monday to serve nine years in prison.


In November 2012, neighbors in the 3100 block of Chippewa noticed severe bruising on a three-year-old child that had been left in their care.


Concerned, they called 9-1-1.


Doctors later found that the boy had severe bruising and swelling to his face to the point that he could barely open his eyes or eat due to his swollen lips. The boy also had extreme bruising on his back and buttocks.


The defendant admitted to hitting the child with a belt, striking him on the back, mouth, and face.


Horton had previous felony convictions.


Assistant Circuit Attorney Anna Kratky applauds those involved who spoke up and acted quickly to help this child.


“Because of the neighbors’ actions, persistence of the first responders, and care of the medical staff at Cardinal Glennon, this child is safe and the defendant has been held accountable for the horrific abuse he caused this child to endure,” ACA Kratky said.


To report child abuse, call 1-800-392-3138.

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