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The Armed Offender Unit consists of 14 attorneys who handle all gun-related offenses committed in the city of St. Louis. The crimes prosecuted by this unit range from unlawful use of a weapon to first-degree murder. Created in 2015 as a strategic tool to curb the alarming amount of gun violence, the Armed Offender Unit works to hold offenders who use guns illegally accountable for their actions. Many attorneys in this unit partner with homicide detectives at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department in an effort to gather the strongest evidence possible and build credible relationships with victims and witnesses. Prosecutors are on call 24/7 to respond to homicide scenes as they happen.


Besides being skilled trial attorneys, members of the Armed Offender Unit are also compassionate advocates for victims. By holding dangerous criminals accountable, prosecutors strive to give peace to victims and closure to those harmed by others.